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Low Requirements, More Advantages: Multilevel Car Parking Systems
10/29/2015 1:06 am

As we all are aware of the parking problems in metropolitan cities, we all are also aware of the MLCP systems which is the only best possible solution to the parking problems of any city. MLCP as we know is the requirement for the day. MLCP doesn’t demand lot of criteria for installation. Few ticks in the checklist and the space is ready for MLCP installation.

MLCP at Krishna Park Infracon Pvt Ltd has a unique character of being a compact system and therefore car entry and exit is a huge benefit. The wheels of a car can smoothly land on the tray of the system and movement is not a problem. The systems can also accommodate the cars of the length from smallest to the largest. A lot of customization is possible in case of MLCP solutions. At KPI we aim to customize the system based on requirements and thereby call ourselves the solution provider to parking problems.

Any civil construction has a huge role of KMC in its approval. Previously KMC was hesitant and were allowing only 15% of the total parking as MLCP. Now, the rules say you can double or triple at your wish, provided you don’t break Fire Rules, and other building sanction rules. KMC approval with regard to MLCP installation is not an obstacle anymore.

So, if you think there is a possibility of MLCP where you get a good drive way as well then it can be a solution for yourself, Offices, Malls, Resident, and Complex. Any of these can be a place for MLCP. We have many successful stories and location mentioned in our website which can help you to analyze the application and the ways you can put the MLCP. Since the systems are based on green technology concept, as the resources used while operating the systems are the least in the world compare to any other manufacturer and efficiency is 100%.

So we see that MLCP systems doesn’t demand a lot but the returns of the investment is huge in terms of benefits to society form Day one. Last but not the least, MLCP is a solution rather than a problem in today’s world.

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