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Advantages of Multi-Level Car Parking Systems
09/26/2014 5:20 am
With the growing number of cars and need for efficient car parking system, Krishna Park Infracon brings in for you efficient multi level car parking system. The various advantages of the multi level car parking system are as follows :

a) Maximum Utilization of Space
This is one of the most unique way of parking lots of cars without the need for a lengthy driveway and huge space. Lifts and pallets are used to park the cars and later retrieve them. It helps in accommodating maximum cars in a limited space.

b) Minimum Space Required For Construction
Since it’s a multi-level parking system, very minimal space is required for the construction of this parking system to accommodate lots of cars.

c) Construction Cost Is Low
The cost involved in the construction of multilevel car parking system is low because it’s pre-fabricated and is assembled on the site. A lot of hidden costs like security, lighting etc. are reduced.

d) Low Maintenance Cost
The maintenance cost of such parking system is extremely low.

e) Vehicle Safety
The cars are much safer in such parking system as others do not have an access to the car. Moreover parking the car through narrow driveways often results to scratches and dents in the car. This can be avoided in multilevel parking system.

f) Easy For the Driver
Parking a car in a multi-level parking system is hassle free for a driver as well. Since such parking systems minimize the risks of theft or vandalism, it consequently minimizes the tensions of the user. He/she need not have to worry about the car as long as it parked. Such parking systems are very comfortable to use.

g) Product durability and life
The product is 100% high quality hot dip galvanized which ensure that humidity, heavy rain and salty weather is no more an enemy of steels and systems. Rusting is no more a problems for end users and systems life is increased to at least 40-50 years with proper maintenance and service.

h) Post Sales Service
This has been a specialty and unique feature of Krishna Park Infracon which delighted many customers. With excellent service and customer satisfaction, Krishna Park Infracon makes the systems user friendly. Even Ladies and Senior citizens can park their cars with immense ease.

The company offers reliable and effective Parking Management Systems designed by technical experts.
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